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Ironman Chattanooga 144.6 {Baton Rouge Photographer}

This past weekend my sweet family of 4 went on an 8 hour road trip to Chattanooga to see our Superhero Dad and sweet Nana cross the finish line of their first Ironman Race. I won’t lie to you, I was nervous about this trip. Lots of anxiety about how it would go with 2 kids under 5 but I knew from the day Dave committed to it that I would want our kiddos to be there when he crossed. Exactly a year ago to the race day, 9/25/16, he signed up for the race the day after he completed his firstView full post »

Our Tiny Dancer {Baton Rouge Photographer}

Our baby girl started her first year of dance and I could not be more proud. Today was picture day at her studio so I had to snap a few myself before. I can’t wait for her recital. She will for be the girl who does her own thing. Just like she did the sprinkler mid routine for parent’s night. We can thank her godfather for that awesome move! We love you, Tio Chase! Isabella, There’s nothing we love more than to watch your smile while you dance! Don’t ever change myView full post »

Shabney Family Vacay {Orange Beach Family Photographer}

This was the first year our schedules didn’t work out to go to the beach with my family. We were bummed but still had to make it to the beach for our babes. The next best thing to family is friends who are as close as family. Melissa and I met right after high school at work. We partied hard together, watched out for each other, cried together, laughed a lot, gave each other dating advice, got married, and then had kids. Our oldest are just 10 weeks apart so naturally we get together whenView full post »

Father’s Day {Baton Rouge Photographer}

This guy. How do I put into words how awesome this guy is to me, our family, and this business?!? Dave and I met over 10 years ago on a little social media site called Facebook. haha! It was before everyone and their momma (literally) were on it. It was back in 2006 when you had to have a college email address to have an account. This shy but ballsy guy sent me a friend request. It took me awhile to even get on Facebook so I always screened my friend request. We had to be legit friends for meView full post »

Personal {Baton Rouge Momma and Photographer}

What keeps me going when I’ve worked my 8-5p job, picked up the kids, brought them home to love and snuggle on for a couple of hours and then get to my Mac to edit? These 2! These 2 adorable angel babies keep me going. They make me realize life is too short not to reach for the stars. I think it’s important to lead by example. Let them see what hard work and dedication can accomplish. Not to mention, do what you are passionate about. I LOVE photography! I love meeting new families,View full post »

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