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Patel Family {Baton Rouge Family Photographer}

Oh mmm gee. How I love sarees. My sister married an Indian man almost 13 years ago so I have been blessed to be apart of this beautiful culture for quite some time. Coming from a hispanic background I was raised with Colombian traditions that I love sharing with friends so being able to enjoy and learn of another culture is something I hold close to my heart. I love this group so I was ecstatic when they asked me to shoot the entire family! I was even more excited when they came dressed inView full post »

Prudhomme Family {Baton Rouge Family Photography}

Big families can be hard but I absolutely love them! All grandparents should get this as a gift at some point. I know these 2 will love and cherish these photos forever!!!View full post »

Caruso Family {Baton Rouge Family Photography}

Oh how I love this family! I met Blair and Ryan when I bought their house 2 years ago. A few months after we closed. I sent her a text around the time she had Hadlee and just point blank asked, “do you have a newborn photographer?” She replied no and I sent her my portfolio. I’m not sure how i got the courage to send that text but I am soooo glad I did. She has sent me countless clients. Repeating clients. The sweetest clients. Thank you so much Blair for trusting me withView full post »

Lindsey & Boys {Baton Rouge Family Photographer}

Oh my this family. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous. 2 very rambunctious boys and a dog with a side of rain? What was I going to do to get them to enjoy the session? I simply got on their level. When the oldest of the 2 asked his mom where he was supposed to go to release gas I knew we would have fun. I love saying something about poop or tooting to boys. Why? I have no idea. Maybe i’m just a huge kid at heart. {I just laughed as I typed it!!!!) They weren’t the easiest atView full post »

Braud {Baton Rouge Family Photographer}

I have WAY too many favorites from this session to count. I hate to post their entire session so I had to tone it down but it was so perfect. They were fun, pretty and laid-back. I especially love that they were playful. It makes it so much fun! Enjoy this gorgeous family!  View full post »

Bice {Baton Rouge Baby Photographer}

What a gorgeous family of 3. So happy you were referred to me! After sharing your photos it looks like we have more friends in common 🙂 That would be another thing I love about this job. I find so many new and old connections. I love hearing how they found me and our many connections after spending just one short session with them. This little guy was more on the serious side so if you were driving in Bocage the Sunday of his session you probably got some free entertainment from his grandma andView full post »

Slade Family {Baton Rouge Family Photographer}

I was so happy when Chelsey asked me if I could do a session for the grandparents. This is truly one of the best gifts to give your parents. We had a blast and I know they will cherish these forever!  View full post »

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