Hi! I am Cindy Abney, a newborn and family photographer based in South Louisiana. Thanks so much for visiting my special place.

My wonderfully supportive husband and I were married in 2011, and together we have two perfect babies, Ace and Isabella. Ace was born in December of 2012, and my passion for photography was reignited when he came along. I realized how magical that perfect shot can be, and I wanted to share that with others. When Isabella was born in October of 2014, I poured myself into photography even more. I continued to offer my photography services to friends, honing my craft, and building the foundation for my business. While I’d love nothing more than to devote myself full time to photography, I still work a 40 hour week at my “regular” job. I enjoy my job, and it pays the bills, but I’ve always been looking for something that I truly LOVE doing! Once you find that calling, even if it means being busy or exhausted from giving 200%, it never feels like a “job”. I hope that my kids look to me as an example of how far a dream and hard work can take you.

Being a momma, I know what an adventure those first few weeks are. You are on cloud 9 with your new bundle of joy, but let’s face it: lack of sleep can leave you feeling like that newborn phase slipped away in moments, your memory of the time is a bit fuzzy. As a newborn photographer, I am honored and humbled to capture those precious details and document this amazing chapter in your life.



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