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Professional Headshots {Baton Rouge Photographer}

I have had a ton of people contact me to get a quick professional headshot in for work, linkedin or whatever else. I will be offering a couple of days in August to get you yours. I will announce the dates soon!View full post »

Lucie Cate {Baton Rouge Baby Photographer}

This sweet girl is my daughter’s favorite baby. She is the sweetest and happiest baby. I absolutely love how this session came out. Thank you Jessica, for trusting me with my first studio smash cake session. We also let big Sissy have some fun so she won’t say when she gets older that she didnt get a cake smash session! hahahaha!View full post »

Olivia {Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer}

This sweet family was so precious. I’m so happy this pretty Momma went with my suggestion to do the family shots in her bedroom. Sometimes we can’t picture our own homes as great backgrounds but trust us. The entire session was perfection!View full post »

Pedro {Baton Rouge Baby Photographer}

Check out this handsome little guy. This is a one year session where the Momma opted out of the Smash Cake. Either way you choose the session is beautiful and one for you to love and cherish as they will never be this little againView full post »

Miss C {Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer}

So in love with this very simple but gorgeous newborn session. I don’t use a ton of props but I do love accessories. This Momma wanted more baby less accessories and I LOVED IT!View full post »

Cohen {Baton Rouge Baby Photographer}

Check out this handsome boy who is making 1 next month! He had no trouble digging into the cake!View full post »

Father’s Day {Baton Rouge Photographer}

This guy. How do I put into words how awesome this guy is to me, our family, and this business?!? Dave and I met over 10 years ago on a little social media site called Facebook. haha! It was before everyone and their momma (literally) were on it. It was back in 2006 when you had to have a college email address to have an account. This shy but ballsy guy sent me a friend request. It took me awhile to even get on Facebook so I always screened my friend request. We had to be legit friends for meView full post »

Jude {Baton Rouge Newborn Photographer}

Oh sweet baby Jude! This little guy may have been the first baby I’ve shot that did not pee or poop on ANY of my things! THIS never happens. It’s completely expected for them to do something. haha. I mean, I do have them nude for maybe 2 hours give or take. But even if he did, he was still a dream. Check out another beautiful family! Happy Father’s Day to this Daddio!View full post »

Presley {Baton Rouge Baby Photographer}

Oh sweet Presley. This was my first session with her and I sure hope it’s not my last 🙂 I always approach your babies like mine own and sometimes that’s just not the right approach haha. Presley was shy at first, she was happy with me as long as I wasn’t too close. I was good with that until I saw how much fun the 3 of them were having. I wanted in. I sang one of her favorite songs and then repeated the line her parents were saying that resulted in the CUTEST picture I haveView full post »

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