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Sarah {Baton Rouge Bridal Photographer}

How gorgeous is she? You see, Sarah and I go WAY back. All the way back to 1990. My mom watched her little sister as a newborn until it was time for her to go to school. Then, my older sister watched the girls in the summer until I was old enough to watch them. They are like little sisters to us. They are my extended family. Their mother was the most beautiful, caring, overprotective, funny momma I have ever met. The type of momma I want to be. I remember her coming to drop off her littleView full post »

Personal {Baton Rouge Momma and Photographer}

What keeps me going when I’ve worked my 8-5p job, picked up the kids, brought them home to love and snuggle on for a couple of hours and then get to my Mac to edit? These 2! These 2 adorable angel babies keep me going. They make me realize life is too short not to reach for the stars. I think it’s important to lead by example. Let them see what hard work and dedication can accomplish. Not to mention, do what you are passionate about. I LOVE photography! I love meeting new families,View full post »

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